About us

Wellness Solutions have developed systematic and scientific programs to make you healthy, with unique and scientific mind body approach in treatment as well as for the prevention of diseases. Evidence based scientific approach is our strength.  It was started in year 2002 by a group of doctors, at Cochin, under the guidance of Indian Nutritional Medical Association (INMA). Nutritional Medicine practiced in the most scientific manner is the hall mark of our success.

Wellness Solutions allows patients to benefit from breakthroughs in nutritional medicine research and the latest in technology. We provide metabolic analysis to enable understanding of the patient's metabolic profiles in relation to common and complex diseases and nutrition.  This assists to empower the patients to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing and bring about a personalized approach to intervention strategies such as nutrient supplementation and to make informed steps towards healthy ageing.

Wellness Solutions is aimed at revolutionizing the field of Health Care by bringing the latest technologies in Nutritional Medicine to the common man.


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                 Metabolic Analysis
                 Injectable Nutrients
               Chelation Therapy
                Dendritic Cell Treatment for Cancer
                Autoimmune Disorders- Psoriasis, IBS
               Skin Care and Anti-Ageing
                Body Weight Management