Corporate Health Service


LEGACY HEALTH SOLUTIONS is one among the best premium health solution providers in India. Our entry to the Indian market is at a mature time, due to

the lack of premium healthcare providers for the corporate machine. As you know, the disease care facilities cannot provide the healthcare essentials. That is

where we can be your trustworthy partner. We are strategically and uniquely positioned to successfully implement our programs as per your requirements.

Our unique ability to complete health programs efficiently based on the most modern technologies and our successful track record in Holistic and Integrated

Health makes us an enviable partner in this project.


The Process

We understand your requirement and then customize our services in a considerate and efficient manner. The process begins with the ‘Request for Proposal’.

Once we receive the basic necessary information, we plan the programs accordingly. While the process varies somewhat with each client, we have

established best practice planning and implementation processes that keep us on track toward remarkable results.


The Implementation

Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative solutions that are now available to small and medium-

sized companies. Our keen knowledge of the healthcare industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. These solutions

allow you to.

* Care for your employee’s health    * Detect health problems early    * Reduce the complication and expenses related to it  

* Improve the economic performance of your company


Corporate Objectives

We believe the following objectives must be achieved.

  • General Health of employees to be assessed.
  • Identification of specific disease conditions in employees.
  • Identification of possible environmental factors, if any, causing diseases.
  • Identifying possible measures to prevent new incidence or recurrence of occupation related health conditions.
  • Review of the employees periodically to analyze the improvement and take specific measures for improvement of their health.



  • Attract employees looking forquality employers.
  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Improve employee productivity, awareness, self-management and wuality of life.
  • Increase options and resources for controlling healthcare costs.
  • It becomes a team building measure.



For the above objectives to be achieved, we have various health evaluation and management programs which is tailor made to meet the requirements of our

clients in the most effective way and at the best market cost. We have the following health programs and much more, from which you would be able to select

one or more of the packages as per your interest. We also do customized packages according to the requirement of the company on yearly contracts, such

as Year Health Planners. 


Health Evaluation & Management Programs

  • Pre- Employment Health Check up
  • Comprehensive Health Evaluation
  • Basic Health Evaluation
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Work site Audit & Recommendations (OSHA)
  • Cancer Screening packages
  • Vaccination Programs- Hepatitis B, Swine Flu.
  • Disease Specific Screening Programs

Health Camps & Workshops

  • Nutrition assessment, talks and counseling
  • Psychologist counseling, Alcohol,Smoking abuse sessions.
  • Doctor visits
  • Blood donation camps
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Stress Management- Calm Sutra
  • Boot camp
  • Camp Safari on Mental Fitness
  • Personalized Wellness Program
  • Self Defence Training
  • Swimmathon
  • Walkathon
  • Cyclothon
  • Laughter Therapy
  • Health talks and Seminars
  • Dance Aerobics/ Zumba- Fitness sessions.
  • Music Therapy- To reduce stress and for relaxation.
  • Ergonomics- Activities to reduce work and position induced injuries and ailment.
  • Eye, Dental and Skin Care.
  • Wellness Camps, Awareness camps, First Aid training.
  • Wellness Solutions- Special Investigations and Programs- Customized Energy metabolizer, Ageing and Hormones.
  • Special training Programs- 1. Inventory- Audit of Life (Min- 6 Hrs), 2. Raise the bar (High performance consultative selling skills workshop- Min 7 Hrs), 3. LakSya- Goal setting workshop (Min- 8 Hrs), 4. Multidimensional entrepreneurial thinking(Game based workshops, 4 levels of curriculum)        

Health Care Support

  • Guidance & Appointment fixing for Specialist Consultations
  • Support system for Pregnant Employees
  • Onsite Clinics/Paramedics with First Aid facility.

Special Investigation for Individuals aiming for Preventive Health

  • Nutrigenomics- A non-invasive test identifying the relative risk for various life style disorders. Test done at ‘Gene Care’ Australia with research support from ‘Mayo Clinic’ USA. Specific preventive nutritional advice from ‘Wellness Solutions’. For more details – Gene Care .


Why Health Check-up for Companies ?

A general medical check-up or medical control can detect at an early stage whether one or more organs are not working properly. A medical check-up is not

only advisable for people who already suffer from medical complaints, but is particularly important for healthy people who want to stay in top form.

The early detection of health problems can limit their seriousness and the associated expense. Not all employees pay enough attention to their health. As an

employer and company you can help them by offering them a general medical prevention program.

This is something that an employee value highly because, after all, it concerns their health, and you are showing that you care.

Every company benefits from making sure that their employees are in top form and that they stay that way.


Why Choose Legacy Health Solutions ?


Benefits of our proposed plan

When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of our competitors, the benefits of choosing LEGACY HEALTH SOLUTIONS are:

* Monthly cost saving    * Timely completion of programs    * Service reliability    * Lower implementation cost    

* Friendly and caring staffs


Competitive Advantages

The following are the competitive advantages that differentiate LEGACY HEALTH SOLUTIONS from other providers.

* Company Recognition    * Expertise    * History of Success    * Health Assessment and Mangement Services under a single roof  

* Single point of contact throughout 130+ cities and towns in India


Let us know your requirement, and we are here to serve you. Contact us today on