Wellness is defined as a state of optimal physical, mental, social and spiritual health.
All these factors are very essential for today’s life as this has become a fast world and is catching up momentum every second. So, today is fast and tomorrow will be much faster. Whatever it is, man has to survive. Just diagnosing disease and fixing it will not work in this fast paced life. First of all we cannot fix or cure any of the modern day diseases with medicine or surgery. Secondly we cannot be alien to our nature and surroundings. Time is very precious today, and no one has time to waste for negative situations like diseases of either physical or mental origin. To live happily and peacefully in this world, we should be well. Mind and body should be in perfect symbiosis, which means we should support and give our body everything necessary to achieve our ambition. Once you climb the ladder of wellness, you can taste success. My Life is designed to meet this.

Nutritional Medicine involves dietary modification, nutritional supplementation and nutritional therapy- a holistic Nutrition program. Here we aim to provide and promote optimal nutrition in customized way.In therapy, we believe in Natural Nutritional Supplements and try to avoid synthetic derivatives. This requires close health monitoring.
We know that we get nutrients for human life from food. Today’s scenario is different. Despite plenty of food availability, disease rates are alarmingly high. Thousands of scientific studies have proved that sufficient quantities of nutrients required for present life style is not available in our food, nutrition density is less and our demand for food is high. This fact is pushing us for supplementation. Health and Nutrition are given equal role at Wellness Solutions.

Modern medicine and various medical systems have grown from simple family physician status to organ specialization, super specialization and even disease specialization. But unfortunately this has resulted in utter chaos, sufferings and financial burden. The method of health care by looking at a person as a whole has vanished and people have been categorized depending on various diseases and advised to follow life styles accordingly. This has thrown everyone in jeopardy and made life horrible. Our approach to healthy or sick people are programmed and directed towards holistic and integrated healing with modern and alternative therapies to make life simple and trouble free, instead of just spare parts management. At My Life holistic center, our approach includes not only a mere physical focus, but emotional, mental and spiritual outlook. Our aim through holistic medicine is to regain the health, as well as to build a strong foundation for Sustainable Health.

It includes a complete medical examination, nutritional, metabolic and other health assessment formats to assess your health. We give stress on health rather than disease. Once the status of health is assessed, you know where you stand. Wellness assessment is a combination of subjective and objective analysis. To discover your nutritional needs, this assessment helps a lot. It details the current strengths and weaknesses within your body’s fundamental control systems. Based on these results, Doctors of My Life prescribe Nutritional Medicine and food to be consumed. We even come to the conclusion of which food will bring balance and which will further disrupt your main control systems. This is the base for one’s wellness management.

Our highly skilled team fully assesses your health status by drawing on a number of diagnostic techniques and tests. These include blood, hormonal and metabolic testing. The results of these assessments form the basis of therapy, which may include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and other natural remedies, in addition to dietary guidance and lifestyle techniques.
Our Doctors treat acute and chronic health conditions in people of all age groups.
Central to Wellness Solutions philosophy is the importance of treating the cause, not the symptom, of health dysfunction and offering patients a corrective, preventive and predictive approach to healthcare.
A personalized treatment plan will be designed based on your results that will immediately start addressing the cause of your condition. Also your practitioner may identify certain nutritional and lifestyle factors that may improve your health.
They will also monitor your results over time, so that you can see how your health is improving. Your health is your greatest asset – discuss what you can do to optimize this with your Practitioner today.

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