Wellness Solutions is promoted as a brand globally. Our success in health care can be witnessed by our presence in various parts of India and abroad. Certain countries are planning to implement integrated nutritional medicine centers through their Ministry of Health. For that, Wellness Solutions is heading the discussions.
My Life is the clinical initiative of Wellness Solutions in Karnataka, which would be soon taken to other parts of the country, where there are no branches of Wellness Solutions.

Legacy Health Solutions

Legacy Health Solutions, our corporate division, has been providing corporate health solutions since 2002 and thus acquired an extensive expertise in health services. We provide corporate health evaluation and management solutions. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative, solutions that are now available to different corporate sector companies by means of customized packages at attractive cost.Our keen knowledge of the health care industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. 

See how our company's health programs can optimize the health of your employees. Corporate Health Service

Our vast experience in providing health checks and programs to schools helped us in being one of the most sorted School health providers. Please check our company’s health programs for your students. –
School Health Services


                 Metabolic Analysis
                 Injectable Nutrients
               Chelation Therapy
                Dendritic Cell Treatment for Cancer
                Autoimmune Disorders- Psoriasis, IBS
               Skin Care and Anti-Ageing
                Body Weight Management
               Allergy and Asthma
               Seasonal Diseases
                Disease Specific Yoga Therapy

                Disease Specific Nutritional Advice
               Acupressure and Acupuncture
               Yoga and Meditation
              Disease Specific Nutritional Advice