School Health Service



Children are the greatest asset of a country and those in school have a right to a happy and healthy life within the school environment as well as at home.

Investment in health of children is investment in the future of nation. It is essential to build on the components of knowledge relating to health and nutrition,

personal hygiene, develop healthy attitudes and enhance life skill to overcome the multiple health concerns affecting school going children both in urban and

remote areas of the country.



  • Preventing, protecting and improving the health status of the school population to enable them benefit fully from the school system.
  • To reduce morbidity amongst school children by preventing them from falling prey to the preventable diseases and thus help to reduce the drop-out rate amongst school children.
  • Issue of holistic health in school going children which includes physical, mental, emotional and psychological health.
  • School health initiative programs may be a promising approach for addressing many of the health-related problems of today's children and young people like new morbidities, injuries, violence, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, psychological and emotional disorders, Life style disorders etc.


Major Components of School Health Initiative Program.

  • Health Assessment
  • Medical Help
  • Empowerment Seminars, workshops and Books
  • Counseling



Schools have direct contact with more than 95 percent of the nation’s young people aged 5–17 years, for about 6 hours a day, and for up to 13 critical years

of their social, psychological, physical, and intellectual development. The health of young people is strongly linked to their academic success, and their

academic success is strongly linked with their health. Thus, helping students stay healthy is a fundamental part of the mission of schools.


Benefits of School Health Initiative

Coordinated school health programs could be a critical means to improving both education performance and the well-being of our young people

and the adults they will become. The major benefits are as follows.

  • Increase health knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
  • Increase positive health behaviors and health outcomes
  • Improve education outcomes.
  • Improve social outcomes.



Legacy Health Solutions has a panel of doctors from ENT, Dental, Ophthalmology, and general medicine along with Psychologists, Nutritionist,

Exercise trainers, technicians and other paramedical staffs. Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd in year 2012 -13, had done School Health program in more than 40

schools across Kerala.


Module Which Wellness Solutions had done in different Schools

  • School Health Card to each student in School

  • Doctors will examine the students- Vision, Oral check up, ENT examination, Respiratory Disorders, Pallor test, Icterus test, Cyanosis test, Clubbing test, Lymphadenopathy test, Spirometry, Oxymetry.

  • Height, weight, Body Mass Index, Blood pressure, Pulse Checked.

  • Special examination for ENT, Dental and ophthalmology (Eye)

  • Doctors do the complete health assessment and Nutritional assessment

  • Personalized nutritional advice and counseling by doctors

  • Separate sessions for Boys and Girls from Psychologist

  • Yoga and Exercise trainers give session to the students

  • Teacher’s empowering program by Health experts.

  • Special class for Parents done if required.

  • Health magazine to students


Competitive Advantages

The following are competitive advantages that differentiate LEGACY HEALTH SOLUTIONS from other providers

  • Company Recognition
  • Expertise
  • History of Success




* School Health- Checkup Program

For this program LEGACY HEALTH SOLUTIONS, under the guidance of Wellness Solutions, provides doctors from various panels like ENT, Dental,

Ophthalmology (Eye) and General Medicine. We can also give guidance & advice in personal hygiene, proper diet and Nutrition.


* One day program for Students- Reaching the Nano World


* Teacher's empowering program


* Health Seminars- Hygiene, CVS, Allergies, Oral care, Sex Education, Changing Bodies, Yoga, First Aid, Stress management



An integrated Medical, School, Family and community approach can enhance the health and well-being of students through School Health Initiative Program.


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